Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Relaxed Hair, You Asked


I remember thinking my hair was healthy and that i was taking good care of it. These were my curls when i was relaxed..OMG. I would see other ladies with BIG CURLY hair and wish for that.. Who would have known that i was hiding that same hair.. I also remember having tons of breakage on my white  My friends would always ask if i just cut my hair..hahaha That was my hair growing and breaking off. The worst of the way i would straighten my hair..... I would wash, Blow Dry, Press, and Flat Iron... Now just thinking of it makes me wanna cry....

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  1. Hi there-

    I found your blog on Youtube by way of

    Love your tutoial on the side bun with twists.

    How long ago was your relaxer?